That day was the beginning.
The day when someone we knew turned into <them>.

<They> are beings who were once humans.
<They> eat humans.
Humans, after having been eaten, turns into one of <them>.

Some people called it the “Day of the Apocalypse”. Others, “Z-Day”.
For me, it was the beginning of the end.

The day when everyone we knew died.
That is the day when the world broke into fragments.

It was an illogical change, and unbelievable mutation that happened throughout the country.
What was going on outside? We do not know.
All that we knew was that we were in danger of getting killed;
That we were in danger of turning into one of <them>.

The only method of survival is to fight together and defeat <them>.
<They> are dead, but <they> can still hear.

We were at a huge disadvantage.
To kill <them>, we must smash <their> heads.
If we do not, we will never live to see tomorrow.