#2 Meeting.

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The small glass objects felt heavy in my hand, occasionally I felt one or two leave, the sharp sound of marble against marble — loud in my ears. What was going to happen? The answer remained as the rising thump in my chest, panic and something else rising from within. Sliding the door shut, I dropped the rest of the marbles back into the drawer and flipped my cellphone, fingers pressing out a familiar name into my keypad — Jarin.

I wondered if the girl was still sleeping at home. It was 6:30 am — usually the time where we would meet up and my parents would fetch us both to school. Was she already at the basement, waiting? Or had she already been attacked by those drunk creepy dudes? Waiting for the call to connect, I slowly walked over to the window, pulling the beige coloured fabric back, eyes immediately closing in on the fifth storey of the opposite block. Was Jarin out yet? Still monitoring for any movement, I waited for the call to connect. The door of the house on the fifth storey wasn’t opened.

“Hello?” The girl on the other line sounded a little grumpy, maybe a little sleepy even.

“Jarin! Hey, uhm… You’re not out of your house yet, are you?”


Bewilderment. “Okay… Erm… Let’s meet up and go to school, okay?”

“What?? We’re late already lah. Later let’s go get M.C. instead…”

“… Let’s just meet up at my house. Don’t come by the yard — and avoid any weird-assed drunk people.”

The note of disbelief and a little annoyance could be heard in her voice as she agreed. Jarin probably didn’t believe me but I’d explain it all.

I didn’t want to wake my parents, so I decided to leave a note. What should I write? ‘Your daughter’s going to school to investigate the mystery behind the mass drinking party the President probably held for the whole of Singapore and what they served certainly wasn’t alcohol.’? Chuckling inwardly, after writing I placed the note on the table and went to get ready. Despite what Victoria had said, I still thought that if people were missing, some teachers would be, too. To hell with the uniform and school rules.


So much for that school idea. The moment I set my eyes upon my crumpled uniform I just got lazy to dress up. The large curse of a student called the ‘school bag’ was glaring at me with powerful invisible eyes. Shit. I clicked the switch to turn on the lights, but they were strangely faint. However, it was enough to prevent any hallucinations caused by the previously dim lighting.

Usually my mom would be awake and would have prepared my breakfast and lunch box for me. The cold air in the kitchen just proved that no human had been inside it for the past few hours. I limped over to the toilet behind the kitchen and washed up. After that, I changed into my PE attire. Since there isn’t gonna be many people anyway, I suppose wearing this wouldn’t harm anyone. Plus, that also means that I wouldn’t need to suffer with the restrictive skirt and the stuffy tie.

I didn’t bother about my school bag. Instead, I grabbed another smaller bag and threw in the things I believed would be needed. Water bottle, wallet, hand phone, keys to my house, pencil case and paper (due to habit), umbrella, storybook and, for some reasons, a torchlight. Looking through my bag, I check to see if I have left anything behind. I changed into my school shoes, my only sport shoes as a matter of fact, and, grabbing my MP3, headed out the door.

My heart suddenly sank. It was a nostalgic and familiar feeling, one which I always had when I left something I subconsciously remembered that I need, when my subconscious predictions tells me that I am missing something, or when I wasn’t doing something according to my usual habit. What was wrong? I froze in my tracks, and searched through my mind. What? Just what was it that I needed? What is this uncomfortable feeling? What is it? What? Seriously?

After a while of mind-searching, I ignored the feeling and headed to the lift. Strangely, it was already there, like it was waiting for me. I thanked God at the back of my mind and headed in. Right at the moment where I stepped out of the lift on the first floor, the lights went off. All the lights, the lights in the building, the lights on the roads, everything.

The only thing illuminating the world was the dark sky brightening by the rising of the sun.

Then, I looked at my watch. It was 7:00 am.


—more coming soon—


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