#1 Breaking.

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This can’t be happening!! Damn this!!

I know that life was boring, but this?! All I wanted was to just finish up my studies, finish up my ‘O’ levels, go to Japan with my friends, see snow, and then return to Singapore and prepare for the rest of my life! I wanted to be a lawyer too!! This is just not making sense…!!!

Why?! Why is it that this have to happen?! I wanted something out of the ordinary, yes I admit it, but not this! This wasn’t what I wanted!!

Damn iiiiiitt!! Why did everyone have to die?! Why?? The world was never perfect, but now it is just some kind of wreak! This is insanity!!

I don’t want to die! I don’t want anyone else to die! I want to stay together with everyone, and lead our normal lives again! School was boring but this kind of excitement?? I don’t want it!! Give me back my old life! Take back this broken world!!! Take back EVERYTHIIIIINNNGG!!!!!!


Waking up to find myself in a pitch black place wasn’t an easy thing for a person like me who always slept with the light on. How awfully cold this place was… Was it my room, even?  Straining my ears, I tried to hear for a source of sound… only the sound of what sounded like rain but muffled resounded outside a window somewhere within the dark, and something like a low moan…


I was awoken by a glare from my vibrating hand phone. How long has it been ringing? And… what time is it? I could barely recognise the photo of the person on the screen with my blurry eyes still adjusting to the brightness.

“Superman…?” I mumbled to myself as I lazily reached out to my phone before it suddenly turned black. I held it up and clicked on one of the buttons.

38 missed calls

“What the FUC–ish?” I got up immediately to see the names of all the callers. It was a random list of familiar and unfamiliar names. Classmates, CCA friends, even some teachers whom I rarely called. I was stunned.

What in the world was going on? What’s with this sudden panic? Nobody ever calls me right? Why are they doing so? Is this a prank? What in the world is going on??

My heart raced as my alarm started to resound through the living room. There were soft groans coming from the bedrooms and some other sounds, rain and… was that a moan?… floating to my ears.

Then, a sudden cold sweat rolled down my back. Something was wrong. It was all too quiet.

I got up and looked outside the window.

Was this supposed to be normal?

The roads were empty… too empty.

I held my breath, and my fingers moved across the keypad of my phone, which was shaking in my hand.

The morning that marked the beginning of the dead world.


No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.

No answer.





Moan? It was distinctly guttural, but I wasn’t certain. After all, the dark makes you imagine things you’d never want to think of. Like, Kayako from The Grudge with that weird noise she always produces, cracking her joints and making demented sounds. God, I didn’t want to think about it any further.

It was all quiet now, and the darkness was simply becoming suffocating, if anything else. The chill in the room seemed to get ten times colder. Was the air conditioner on? I don’t even know. Well, if it was, it had to be below 0. Damn. Is that my breath? Or my eyes playing tricks?  The last thing I needed to complete this was a ghost.

Shit, focus, focus. It’s impossible to wake up in another place. I’m not like that One Missed Call girl who got transported by Mimiko. ….. Calm down, you’re safe, you’re safe… Was what I would’ve liked to think.

The sudden start of a sort of metallic quality music box-like sound startled me, the first few haunting bars of the melody started off soft, getting louder and louder by the minute- disturbing the quiet in the room. Suddenly, it felt  as though I couldn’t breathe. A drop of cold liquid ran down the back of my neck, awakening the hairs that were certainly standing right now. Cold sweat? I hoped it would be. The melody was awfully familiar, but of course, why wouldn’t it be? The death ringtone from One Missed Call.

I couldn’t forget the scenes of the childishly sweet looking Mimiko attacking the victims in the movie. I couldn’t – especially when she made a girl rip her own head off and become a live demonstration of Twister to its extreme. Better pick up that handphone somewhere and listen to myself die in time, I suppose. I don’t want to die. The dark was already scaring the shit out of me. I don’t want to move, I don’t want to end it like this. The death ringtone replayed itself.

Phone.. phone.. Where was it? Groping my way around, I was practically like a blind bat. Until.. I felt something on my lap vibrate. Control.. Control… No, I just can’t. The desire to scream from my inner self was practically pounding in my head to be let free. Pride, ego and shit like calmness can just be screwed for all I care. I was going to die anyway. Grabbing my mobile with shaky hands, I brought it close to my face, squinting to read the caller’s ID. Amanda? No. A wave of immediate relief rushed over me. It was Victoria. It was too quick to let my guard down, but I’d take the risk.

“H-Hello?” Shaky voice. Calm down. Where was that calmness that I tried to burn into my character over the 14 years of my life?  In the bin.

“Oh YAY, you answered!”

“Victoria..?” So much for rebuilding calmness. My voice sounded as squeaky as two turntables rubbing against each other.

“What’s err.. wrong with you? You sound weird, you know. Are you okay??” I could practically scream her name into the phone.  Relief and a certain warmth.

“Erm… Well… You see, I..” Gushing out my worries have always been something I’ve been doing to Victoria – and this time, I went gushing out like a waterfall.

“Erm.. Okay.. Anyway, do you what’s going on right now?” A change of tone in her voice somehow made something in me puncture slowly. Fear was slowly turning into worry.

“No… I just woke up? And the room  is in pitch darkness. I don’t know what’s going on. But I know I was fucking scared.. until you called.”

“Okay…? Besides, I have something important to tell you.” Important? At this time of the morning? “I received like about 38 missed calls and 20 SMSes..” Class prank? “…One of the SMSes I received from Eileen was ‘are you alive?’ ..”

“Er.. she’s not ..?”

“NO. Do I sound like I’m joking?” There was no mistaking the hardened tone in my her voice. She was taking this seriously.

“Sorry… ”

“…Did you notice something else? There’s no one on the streets.”

“Absolutely none?”



The moment I heard Amanda’s voice through the speaker, a wave of relief broke over me. I was ecstatic, but her panicky voice was a deep contrast to my different mood. However, as soon as I explained to her what was going on at my side, the atmosphere through our phones turned serious.

“But how can there be no one on the streets? It’s raining isn’t it? What about the cars?”

“There are, but they are not moving.” I knew that my voice was beginning to shake, but I told myself that it can’t. At least, I have to stay strong while I’m alone in the house with my parents.

After being unable to contact anyone through my phone, I went around my house to find my family. Both my parents were in an unusual deep sleep, and my sisters where nowhere in sight. My second sister was on a trip to Penang, but my eldest sister haven’t seemed to have returned home since last night.

Even though she is dating, that is really unusual.

“Why are they not mov—”

“Have you checked the well-being of your family members yet?” I interrupted.

“Erm, no, I just woke up… But, why would I need to check their well-being?” Her tone of voice made it obvious that she still hadn’t caught on the situation yet.

Or rather, that I haven’t explained the situation to her. But still, I exclaimed my unhappiness to her in an impatient tone.

“Walao eh… Amanda, listen. There are stationary cars on the roads, and no one in sight. The traffic-lights are out, and my eldest sister hasn’t been back since last night. I’ve suddenly received thirty-eight calls and twenty SMSes, a number which I’ve never got, and when I tried to call everyone back, there was no answer. Not even a single one. When I tried to call every other person, you were ‘A’, so I called you first. Technically, you are the only one that picked up.”

“Woah… So, wait. Let me see… Are you saying that people are disappearing from everywhere?”

“In short, yes.”

“Oh craap… Alright, wait, wait…”

There were faint sounds of her moving, and the door cracking open. Then, echoing barks of a familiar dog entered through the receiver.

“Aiko…?” I mumbled.

“Yeah. Well, she’s still alive.”

Then, the sound of another door.

… …

“My parents are still sleeping.”

“Good. Your brother?”

“Ha-ah. Why do you even want to check on him?”

“To see if he is dead.”

“… Fair enough.”

“Well, what do you know? He’s gone.”

Amanda’s shaky voice began to regain its composure. I laughed with her before returning back into seriousness.

“Alright, no time for jokes. Now, we should just head out and meet somewhere.”

“Meet? Meet where?”

“School, of course.”

“What? Come on, why do you want to go back to that damn place?”

“Because there is still school?”

“Are you nuts? The streets are empty! What makes you think that the school won’t be too?”

Hello?? We are still here aren’t we? Most probably that freakin principal is too and still wants school.” Not that I hate that principal or anything…

“Fancy having that coming from a prefect.”

“Shut up lah. Go wake up your parents and head to school. Call Jarin too. She might still be alive.”

“Hope so… Oh what the fuck?”

“What? Some shit happened?”

“Nah, just some drunks outside my yard. They look like they’ve just vomited on themselves. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I see white stuff and some other queer beer crap on them.”

“What the crap? But, drunks outside the yard in this kind of weather?”

“Well, I dunno. They are wavering and walking around like undeads.”

“Yeah. Funny.”

“No, I’m serious!”

“And then what? You want to go forward and punch them in the face?”

“Nah. I’ll shoot marbles!”

“……………… Huh?”

“You know, marbles! I have tons of them anyway.”

“Walao. You bully arh?! Why do you even want to do that??” I shook my head to myself. Amanda’s excited laughter came through, and sure enough, sharp and clear sounds of hard plastic hitting each other was heard.

“……… To make them wake up and get THE FUCK OFF MY YARD!!” Her shout was loud and resounded through the place. I could even hear faint echoes coming through the receiver.

“Woah. Cool down man.”

Sounds of the heavy rain and then nothing else… for a while.

“Okay, what the fuck…? The marbles didn’t get through – they’re lodged in their heads…” Amanda’s disbelieving voice brought upon me a painful suspicion which tugged at my brain. I shook it off.

“Lodged? As in…”

“It didn’t come out the other way. It’s inside their heads… I think.”

“Okaaaaaay…? Then, now what do you want to do?”

“Call Jarin?”

“For what?! …… Oh wait, I remember telling you to do so right?”

“… Yeah.”

“LOL. Fine. I’ll hang up. Call me when you are done.”

Without waiting for an answer, I ended the call. A message came, telling me about the price left in my pre-paid card. I sighed.

That strange suspicion I felt was definitely abnormal. It was more painful and scarier than when I realised that the roads were empty. So…

I shook off all negative thoughts which might spell something like a five letter word which starts with a D and ends with a H.


Taking my phone along, I stood up and went around preparing for school.

Chapter #1=Breaking. =End=


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