This can’t be happening!! Damn this!!

I know that life was boring, but this?! All I wanted was to just finish up my studies, finish up my ‘O’ levels, go to Japan with my friends, see snow, and then return to Singapore and prepare for the rest of my life! I wanted to be a lawyer too!! This is just not making sense…!!!

Why?! Why is it that this have to happen?! I wanted something out of the ordinary, yes I admit it, but not this! This wasn’t what I wanted!!

Damn iiiiiitt!! Why did everyone have to die?! Why?? The world was never perfect, but now it is just some kind of wreak! This is insanity!!

I don’t want to die! I don’t want anyone else to die! I want to stay together with everyone, and lead our normal lives again! School was boring but this kind of excitement?? I don’t want it!! Give me back my old life! Take back this broken world!!! Take back EVERYTHIIIIINNNGG!!!!!!

Excerpt from Chapter#1=Breaking.